Our Services


Languages: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, and etc.

Fields: Economy and trade, finance, law, aerospace, sports, culture and media, engineering, machinery, electronics and IT communication.

Purpose: Internal reference, business communication, professional publishing and specially requested creative projects.

Activator translators have highly developed skills in at least two or three languages.
Activator translators are knowledgeable and well versed on one or two professional fields, and have already acquired translation experience on a vast array on projects.
Activator translators make it their duty to render their translations for clients to the highest level possible and use "excelsior" as their motto.
Activator translators adhere to our professional ethics and protect commercial secrets.
Activator translators continually progress and strive for excellence through a commitment to learning, and with a clear understanding that languages are constantly developing and changing and translation involves an ongoing effort to keep abreast of the changes.

We use the appropriate translator required for each different assignment, as each translator in Activator only focuses on one or two professional fields.
We have a set of strict quality control procedures: Preparation before translation → translation → proofreading (technical proofreading and linguistic proofreading) → formating.
Activator uses the latest translation tools such as CAT (TRADOS) and all our projects are managed by our dedicated project management team who are used to handling large-scale projects, such as the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo.